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Prism is a writing table which is made for grip developement for kids of age 3 to 9.

This project aims to identify the problems regarding writing and grip development in children. Working on the solution and ultimately designing the final product 

Client Profile

  • A married couple.

  • Lower class or lower middle class

  • Urban city 

  • Small housing space

  • Kid within the age of 3 to 7

  • Facing issues with space.


Problems Faced

  • Writing boards and equipments occupy lot of space

  • Clutter in the House

  • No use after kid grows up

  • Ends up in junk or trash.

  • Not ergonomically designed.

  • Grip does not develop well leading to bad handwriting.

  • Strain on eyes, neck, and back

Need Statement

  • To design a writing aid for kids which will ease their bodies and help develop a suitable writing angle.

  • To develop a product that could be used for different purposes or recycled.

  • To design a product giving out less carbon footprint.


Technical Specifications

Materials & Specification

  • The product is made with recycled plastic as it is cheap and environmentally friendly.

  • The Table has seven parts which when attached from a working table.

  • triangular side pieces are attached to the base panel and top panels are attached.

  • The board can be attached to each side of the panel with angles of 30 and 45 degrees.

  • 30 degree is suitable for grip developement and 45 degree is suitable for writing as child gets older.


Product in Use

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