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Nishachar is a collection based on Indian  Rakshasas and Asuras. Every product is associated with a different  Rakshasa and tells a different story.

Design Brief

  • To design Decor and Lifestyle products inspired by Indian Asuras and Rakshasas.

  • Products to be placed in Living space/  bedroom.

  • The collection should span across Karu Gifting and Karu Exclusive

  • The function of each product should be related to the raksha’s tale.

Client Profile

  • Age  -  20 years and above

  • Location –  Urban Indian Cities

  • Gender  - M/F/O

  • Income Group - Upper Middle

  • Interests - Indian Mythology.

  • Product Price  Range -INR 2,000 to INR 10,000

Inspiration Board

Conceptualization and form Development 

Prototyping and Manufacturing 

Final Products

Lanka Dahan

Tea-light Holder

This Tea-light Holder takes inspiration from lord hanuman's great victory over the city of Lanka.


Incense Cone Holder

This incense cone holder represents the gruesome fall of Bhasmasur.   


Cork Opener

This Corkscrew opener tells the story of Rahu's death.



This mirror represents the epic fight between Rahu and Chandra. 


Piggy Bank

Piggy bank in the shape of Only Demon who became treasurer of Gods.

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