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Ganjifa is a collection of decor items inspired by game Of Ganjifa

The aim of this project is to understand Maharashtrian giving spaces and Inspired by Maharashtrian craft to create Decor Pieces. 


  • Gender - Male and Female

  • Age Group - 25 and above

  • Occupation -  Working

  • Income - 6 to 10 lakhs per anum. 

  • Class - Middle and Upper Middle class

  • Market - Urban Indian








Form Generation

Final Product

Square Wall Mount

The suare shaped wall mount is made from plastic.

It has Square shaped pegs with  length of 5 cm.

the rectangle has side of length 5 cm.


Mirror has a wooden arced base which can be mounted to the wall and pegs are attached to it. 

pegs can help to hold jewellery, keychains etc.

Circular Wall Mount

The circular-shaped wall mount is made from plastic.

It has circular-shaped pegs with a length of 5 cm.

the circle has a side of diameter 5 cm.

Arc Wall Mount

Wall Shapes mount is a bright take on Ganjifa decor with a neon base and wood finished pegs.

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